What is the Ideal Home Size for an Indian Homebuyer: How to Find it?


A report says that Hyderabad real estate market is experiencing a shift in buyers’ mindset from affordable small houses to mid-end and high-end houses. In other Indian cities as well, people are spending money to upgrade their homes and move to larger houses.

However, this trend of looking for a spacious property in Hyderabad and other cities began in the post-pandemic phase, which is being continued this year too. But, one question among first-time homebuyers still remains the same.

“What should be the ideal size of a home?”

Let’s strive to find an answer to the question in this blog.

First, we will talk about the trends, then move toward how to find an ideal home size for you.

Ideal Home Size for an Indian Homebuyer:

Buying a large home might be a well-known trend. But what does this “large” define?

Many homebuyers and investors in Mumbai, Pune and other Indian metro and non-metro cities look for units of less than 1000 sq. ft.

However, the scenario differs in other cities like Hyderabad, Noida, Gurugram, and Bengaluru.

According to a report, around 40% of searches in these cities are for the segment of 1000-2000 sq. ft. homes! And 60% of homebuyers actively look for two categories, i.e., 1000-2000 sq. ft. and 2000-3000 sq. ft.

Another interesting data that came out of these surveys and research is that most searches are for semi-furnished homes.

These homes have already designed modular kitchens, wardrobes, flooring, and sometimes fitted geysers and air conditioners. Yet, they leave room for more furnishings.

According to top builders in Hyderabad and other areas, people prefer to buy these semi-furnished properties because they don’t have to set it up from scratch and at the same time, they can customise the homes as per their needs and choices.

What Should be the Ideal Size of a Home: The Future Prediction
Top builders in Hyderabad and other major cities in India predict that people will continue to buy residential properties in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, etc., as a reliable investment option.

Looking at the ongoing trend in Hyderabad real estate, Mr. Sharat Ventrapragada, CEO and founder of Urban Blocks Realty, a leading real estate company in Hyderabad, says that luxury homes are in demand in Hyderabad.

To cope with the trend or demand, many projects have been launched with sq. ft. sizes from 4000 to 16999 sq. ft.

Despite the trend that is going on, the ideal home size for an Indian homebuyer is not specific yet.

The major reason is that the data and statistics are being developed based on a few cities, whereas the Indian real estate market is not limited to them only.

Given the different individual needs, choices, and limitations, it is a little difficult to mention an exact ideal home size for the buyers. Anyways, it is sure that if everything goes well, a rise in large property sales will be seen in the upcoming years.

How to Find an Ideal Home Size for You:

As we said, the ideal home size differs as per individual preferences. So, instead of looking for trends and statistics, it is better to find the ideal size for your home.

Before we pull the curtain down for today, let’s see how you can find an ideal home size.

Understand your requirements clearly first.

Check out homes of various sizes to realise if they fit your needs.

Decide your budget.

Compare the homes’ prices with your budget.

Don’t miss to include maintenance charges.

Take expert help to learn about the necessary space needed for rooms and corners inside a home.


So, in the long run, it is not easy to say an exact home size that is ideal for an Indian homebuyer. It varies depending on many factors.

According to experts, if you have a family of 4, a 2000 sq. ft. home is a suitable option if other aspects, like budget, location etc., align with your preferences.

Anyways, with the right knowledge and guidance, you can overcome the speculations and reach an exact home size to focus on while buying the home.

What’s your thought on finding an ideal home size? Let us know.

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